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Why Should You Hire a Property Management Company in San Diego?

Why Should You Hire a Property Management Company in San Diego?

Looking forward to generating more passive income from multiple rental properties this summer in San Diego? You're in excellent company.

Research shows real estate investors bought more than 18% of American homes bought in the last three months of 2021 - a record high.

Caring for investment properties is much easier when you hire a property management company. Let's explore the benefits of using a property manager.

Tenant Screening

A major benefit of hiring a company to manage your investment rentals is they'll screen your prospective tenants for you.

An experienced manager is used to seeing hundreds or even thousands of tenant applications. This means they can more easily spot possible red flags in your applicants' paperwork than you could.

A reputable property manager can also spot exceptional tenant qualities. These include taking great care of the landlord's property. They also include making timely rent payments each month.

Letting a property manager oversee your tenant screenings may help you more easily get reliable renters.

Tenant Communications

Another reason to use a property manager is they'll serve as the liaison between you and your tenants.

What happens if your rental home's furnace breaks? It might not be possible or convenient for you to drive to the home to inspect the problem. This is especially true if your rental home is in another state or town.

Your property management company can address these types of problems 24/7. This includes arranging for service providers to replace or repair broken items.

A property manager can also deal with tenant complaints so you don't have to. These complaints may range from noisy neighbors to the annoying dog next door.

The right property manager will deliver excellent customer service to your tenants so they feel appreciated and stay with you.

Rental Home Marketing

Yet another reason to use a property management company is they'll market your rental home for you.

A dependable manager will write rental ads for you. They'll also take quality photos and even host open houses to help you find your next renter.

Your manager can even help you set the perfect rent price for drawing potential tenants. Properly pricing your unit can help you fill your rental home's vacancy sooner. This means you can start collecting funds from tenants sooner.

Property Management Company

A property management company can help you screen possible tenants and communicate with your existing renters. This includes fielding complaints from them and arranging for broken items at their home to be fixed.

A property manager can also market your home at a reasonable price for you.

At Harland Property Management, we pride ourselves in offering residential and multi-family property management. We can even help you calculate the return on your investment and how much money you'll lose if your home stays vacant for months.

Contact us to learn more about our services, and partner with us today!