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A match made in heaven!

You focus your time & energy on sales. We focus our time & energy making sure your clients' rental is managed!

Do you, your clients, friends, family members or fellow Realtors need a Trusted property manager? Print out our Assured Realtor Referral® Form, a non-compete & referral fee agreement.

Make the connection.

Provide your contact information and the client’s contact information in the form or call us. You should feel confident to pass our information along to the client as well.

Get compensated.

Once the client signs a property management agreement with us, you get paid 25% of the first year's TOTAL management commission.

Example referral fees paid to agents*:
Rental Rate: $3,000/Mo. Referral Fee Paid = $900.00
Rental Rate: $6,000/Mo. Referral Fee Paid = $1,800.00
Rental Rate: $10,000/Mo. Referral Fee Paid = $3,000.00

Get the listing back, when it's time to sell.

When the client is ready to sell the home, Harland puts the client back in touch with you. Your name will always be kept at the top of the client’s file. We will NEVER list your client’s home for sale. We will make sure you get notified as soon as we know the client wants to stop renting the home and wants to sell it.

Refer a Client