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Maintenance Coordination: Important Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Coordination: Important Preventive Maintenance Tasks

You check your email to find that another tenant is moving out! Of course, this is never good news, as the average tenant turnover costs 20% to 40% of the yearly rent.

You must complete repairs and renovations to prepare the unit for the next tenant. But you can avoid some work by focusing on better maintenance coordination.

Maintenance is essential for all properties and includes many tasks. If you develop an effective schedule, you can keep your properties pristine.

Here are some tips to find the right plan for all your maintenance.

Understand Why Maintenance Coordination Matters

Preventative maintenance holds value for several reasons:

  • Reduces repair bills
  • Helps properties hold their value
  • Keeps properties looking good
  • Makes tenants happy

Focusing on effective maintenance is vital for all rental properties. But the tasks vary. You should budget maintenance expenses for all your properties to protect your budget.

You can then handle them yourself. The better option is to hire a property management firm to handle the tasks. They're good at these tasks and will ensure they complete them.

Perform Routine Inspections

Working from a property maintenance checklist ensures you handle all the necessary tasks. Many of these tasks include inspections. Here are a few types of inspections to add to your checklist:

  • Move-in inspections
  • Smoke detector tests and battery replacement
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Electrical inspections
  • HVAC inspections

Performing routine inspections helps you determine the services that properties need. For example, consider furnace maintenance.

Inspecting furnaces is a task to complete at least twice a year. Plan for it in the spring and fall. When inspecting the furnaces, replace the filters if they're dirty.

Next, take note of the furnace's condition and cleanliness. If it's dirty, clean it. If it needs new parts, replace them.

Each time a tenant moves out, inspect their unit. You can keep part of their security deposit for damages they complete. But you should budget in routine work for wear and tear.

Complete Regular Outdoor Tasks

The exteriors of your properties also require routine maintenance. You can add these tasks to your maintenance schedule:

  • Window cleaning
  • Bush cutting and trimming
  • Weeding
  • Garbage pickup and removal
  • Gutter cleaning

These tasks all focus on improving the quality and look of your properties.

Handle All Repair Requests Quickly

A maintenance schedule helps you determine:

  • What tasks to do
  • When to inspect them

However, you can reduce maintenance tasks by handling all repair requests quickly. When tenants report repair issues, address them in a timely manner.

You'll reduce the maintenance work your units need by keeping up with the repairs. Conversely, keeping up with maintenance might reduce the amount of repairs you encounter.

Hire It Out

Harland Property Management can help with your maintenance coordination. We offer services for all types of rentals and specialize in excellence.

We've been in business for 18 years but have a combined experience of more than 50. We can help you design an effective maintenance plan for your properties.

Reach out to us to discover how we can help you.