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Leasing Agents: What to Consider When Hiring One in San Diego, CA

Leasing Agents: What to Consider When Hiring One in San Diego, CA

As more people consider renting over buying for various economic reasons, it becomes a booming market for property management companies. Experts predict this industry will grow at a 3.94% CAGR in five years.

While there may be many leasing agents, they will not all service you the same. A good experience with a leasing agent will also directly impact your profit from your investment. You cannot afford to choose one that will not meet your needs.

If you are a San Diego property owner, consider these essential qualities when selecting your leasing agent.

Real Estate Knowledge

Knowing the leasing agent covers everything, property owners want to sleep well at night. There are many nuances to being a landlord, including many laws and restrictions. Not only that, but emergencies can arise.

You will be better off finding a leasing agent with much experience. Education is available; however, property management companies learn better from experience. When you have seen it all, you know how to react, so look for an agent with lots of real estate knowledge.

Fair Housing Laws

Being a landlord can be lucrative. Still, you will lose your profits if you end up with a lawsuit. Therefore, you must know that you are choosing an up-to-date leasing agent who carefully follows regulations.

This includes fair housing laws. Plus, you want to have a reputation as an honorable property owner. The leasing agent will directly impact how potential renters view you and how you do business.

Impeccable Organizational Skills

This is an essential trait. To meet the market demands, a good leasing agent is organized. Applicants will ask many questions, and your leasing agent needs to be quick with answers.

Being organized will also help a leasing agent find the right tenant quickly. They should already have a network or businesses they can reach out to or advertise on that will attract the great renter.

An Excellent Problem Solver

All renters are different. It would help if you worked with an agile leasing agent. This includes various selling strategies to meet the interests of different audiences.

It would be best to have an agent motivated to create the perfect solution for everyone. It should be someone who is proactive and enjoys thinking outside the box for you.


The leasing agent is the primary communicator between you and interested renters. Work with an agent who responds to phone calls and emails fast. Expert leasing agents get busy, especially when they have a lot of clients.

No matter how extensive their portfolio is, they should always have time for you.

Choose the Best Leasing Agents

Being a property owner and renting to tenants is a tremendous responsibility. Leasing agents will make the process more efficient and allow you to focus on other things if you select the right one.

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