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Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs?

Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs?

Even if it's unwritten in a lease agreement, every residential rental agreement contains an implied warranty of habitability. This law requires California landlords to keep their rental units in a safe and fit condition for tenants.

To comply with the warranty of habitability, completing maintenance and repairs is essential. If you don't see yourself as handy, consider hiring a rental property management company.

Who pays for repairs in this partnership? Keep reading to find out.

Do Property Managers Pay for Repairs?

While a property manager can help with maintenance coordination, they do not pay for property repairs. When you hire a rental property management company, you will be responsible for funding maintenance and repairs.

You and the company will agree on certain maintenance parameters. For instance, it's common for a property manager to ask that you set aside a reserve fund.

A property manager will take funds from the reserve as maintenance problems arise. As you take in rental income, you can keep adding to the reserve to ensure there is always money for repairs.

Do Property Managers Make the Repairs?

Finding contractors to handle property maintenance and repairs is not an easy task. It can take up a lot of time and resources to find a reliable contractor for the job.

Instead of hiring multiple services to find an ideal one, work with your property management team.

Harland Property Management has solid relationships with licensed, insured, and reliable independent contractors. We can handle routine maintenance, non-emergency repairs, and urgent repairs 24/7.

If you have a preference for the contractor you prefer to work with, tell your property manager in advance. It would be best if you also mentioned any contractors whom you have worked with in the past that didn't work out.

With the right connections, a property manager can find someone who completes quality work for a reasonable price.

The Importance of Maintenance Coordination

Maintenance coordination is the best way to streamline maintenance and repairs.

When repairs and maintenance are handled timely, tenants are happier and more likely to renew their leases. Responsiveness can also foster trust and enhance the tenant-landlord relationship.

Quick repairs can also preserve the value of your property and save you money in the long run. When you prevent property damage or tackle a damaged property immediately, you lessen the risk of major problems occurring.

As a landlord, you are responsible for keeping units habitable. Coordinating maintenance with a property manager will keep you compliant.

Let Our Rental Property Management Team Help

Maintenance and repairs aren't just a requirement for landlords. Completing these duties can also keep tenants happy. Landlords are responsible for property repairs but don't have to complete them alone.

With the help of our rental property management team, you can be as hands-off as you want to be. Harland Property Management strives for excellence to provide unmatched services in San Diego, California.

Our property managers have a combined experience in San Diego of over 50 years. We're ready to partner with you to share our wealth of knowledge. Contact us today to get started.